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Just Dance (Single)

cdcover Just Dance

Just The Thought of You (Single)

singlecover Just the Thought of u

Moments (CD)

cdcover moments

Caribbean Love, featuring Suttle Thoughts (CD)

cdcover caribbean love


Collaborations with Other Artists

Tom Schuman - Designated Planets (Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Drummer) 2013

Tom Schuman2

Tom Schuman - Reflections Over Time (Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Drummer) 2010

Tom Schuman1

Skip Martin - Formal Dining 2010 (Drummer) 2010

Skip Martin1

Patrick Cooper - The Way It Used To Be (Drummer) 2011

Patrick Cooper2

Patrick Cooper - Vibin' (Drummer/Production Support) 2008

Patrick Cooper3

Patrick Cooper - That Day (Drummer) 2007

Patrick Cooper1

Mary Ann Redmond (Production Support/Drummer) 2005

Mary Ann Redmond

Jaared - Hangtime (Drummer) 2002


Marcus Johnson - Chocolate City Groovin (Drummer/Production Support)

Marcus Johnson4

Marcus Johnson - Urban Groove (Drummer/Production Support)

Marcus Johnson2

Marcus Johnson - InterAlia (Co-Writer/Drummer/Production Support)

Marcus Johnson3

Marcus Johnson - Lessons in Love (Drummer/Production Support)

Marcus Johnson1

Patrick Henderson - Praise & Worship CD (Drummer)

Patrick Henderson1

Phase II - Back Talk (Drummer)

Phase II

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