Here are a few samples of our services and capabilities. 

Collaborative Services Provided:

Tom Schuman - Seven 4 You (Songwriting/Production/Studio Drum Services) 

John Mayer - Free Fallin (Added Drums, Bass, Strings & Background Vocals) 

Skip Martin - Formal Dining (Studio Drum Services)

Marcus Johnson - Love, Talk & Slow Jams (Songwriting/Production) 

Marcus Johnson - Funk Master (Production Support/Studio Drum Services)

Patrick Cooper - The Way It Used to Be (Studio Drum Services)


Original Works (All are sync-ready):

Stixx House (0:30 bump1) 

Stixx House (0:30 bump2) 

Stixx House (1:00 bump)

Simply Salad (0:30 bump1)

Simply Salad (0:30 bump2)

Simply Salad (1:00 bump)

American Journey (0:30 bump) 

American Journey (1:00 bump)

Relax ~ Unwind (0:30 bump) 

Caribbean Love (0:30 bump)

Caribbean Love (1:00 bump) 

Take A Ride (1:20 bump) 

Mi Lulu (1:22 bump) 

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