We specialize in creating original music for all of your music needs.  Whether you're a record label or marketing firm seeking original music for an ad campaign, video or commercial project, or a music editor looking for new music for a film, website or video game, we'll work with you to develop and tailor music for the occasion.  

Music Production & Support 

We offer professional music production and support for any music project, big or small.  We are passionate about working with you to deliver unsurpassed service to produce quality, award-winning results.  Got a track or a song idea with just with us and we'll recreate it or build music elements around what you already have to give you a complete song.  

Studio & Live Drum Services 

Perhaps you already have a track or song ready to go, but you just need live drums added for that finished touch.  Or maybe you have an upcoming live performance and you simply need a live drummer.  Work with us and consider it done.  For studio drum services, just send us the track* (mp3, WAV, AIFF) with instructions, and we'll add the drums and send it back to you for approval.  It's that easy.   

Sync Licensing 

For those music editors, marketing firms or other entertainment entities seeking ready-to-use original music for film, TV, advertising, web, mobile, video games or any other use, we are ready to license the music for your needs.  

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